Monday, 14 March 2016

The Snapper by Roddy Doyle (2.5/5)

First published: 1990
Page count: 224
The back says: Meet the Rabbitte family, motley bunch of loveable ne'er-do-wells whose everyday purgatory is rich with hangovers, dogshit and dirty dishes. When the older sister announces her pregnancy, the family is forced to rally together and discover the strangeness of intimacy. But the question remains: which friend of the family is the father of Sharon's child?

I say: I had no idea that this was part two in a series (because then I would obviously have read part one first), but I don’t think that it matters that much in terms of the story told here. Yes, the previous book is bound to give some background info, but this works as a stand-alone as well.

Also, there should have been a note somewhere on the cover that this was part two.

My two previous Doyle reads were complete opposites and I didn’t really expect much with this one, so I was pleasantly surprised to get into the plot straight away. I had a hum of who teh father of Sharon's unborn child might be, and when it was revealed I wasn’t too surprised (there were only so many suspects) although the way it happened was nauseating. Most of the plot was believable and I truly wanted to know how things would be resolved.

If they would be resolved.

The main issue I have with this was that it’s written in vernacular;

which I hate!

Even though I lived in Ireland for a couple of years and understood most of the jargon, it still got on my nerves.

This is the reason it gets 2.5/5.

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