Monday, 18 January 2016

A Greyhound of a Girl by Roddy Doyle (2/5)

First published: 2011
Page count: 168
The back says: Mary’s great-grandmother is a ghost. But she’s not an old ghost. She’s a young woman who never lived to see her children grow up. Now she’s back on an urgent mission. She needs Mary’s help to give a dying woman one last, glorious adventure...

I say: I expected so much more from this that I was ultimately disappointed pretty much all the way through.

With nearly everything.

I do realise that this is a children’s book, but even as such I found the language, though appropriate, incredibly repetitive and exasperating. Yes, this is how they spoke, but it grated something awful. The plot itself was so unbelievable I couldn’t find the interest and just kept reading for the sake of it.

Then there was Mary who I found insolent and trying, although I assume one is meant to find her endearing. Tansey, the dead grandmother, and Emer, the grandmother, were interesting enough, but the mother’s character felt more like a filler.

2/5 for all the above reasons, but I’ll still give Doyle another go in the future. 

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