Friday, 23 October 2015

On the High Road by Anton Chekhov (3/5)

First published: 1884
Original title: На большой дороге
Original language: Russian
Translation to English by: Julius West
The back says: No synopsis available...

I say: The play takes place in Tihon’s bar where the usual suspects hang out; the ruined landowner turned drunk without any money begging for drinks, some pilgrims who only want to sleep but cannot seem to refrain from commenting on the goings-on around them, the owner whom nobody seems to listen to, and some other random people. There were a lot of different conversations and life stories, but the one that stuck with me was of the ruined landowner, Bortsov, whose wife deceived him and led him to drink. It was a sad story – if not an unusual one – and it did somewhat pain me the way that he was mocked for it. 

I say “somewhat” because I did laugh at some of the insults.
In fact, the best thing about this play were the insults and witticism such as this:

They try to cure every sort of disease, and it never occurs to them that more people die of women than of disease...”

3/5 because although I enjoyed it, the ends was predictable and sort of meh.

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