Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Relentless Poems Jeff Bezos (3/5)

First published: 2014
Page count: 32
The website says: Poems by Russell Bennetts, Daniel Bosch, Andrea Cohen, Tom Daley, Katie Degentesh, Leontia Flynn, Benjamin Friedlander, Drew Gardner, Nada Gordon, Kirsten Kaschock, Rauan Klassnik, Daisy Lafarge, DW Lichtenberg, Sharon Mesmer, Teresa K. Miller, K. Silem Mohammad, Jess Mynes, Lance Newman, R.M. O’Brien, Eirikur Örn Norŏdahl, Joseph Spece, Ken Taylor and Laura A. Warman.

I say: I had no idea who Jeff Bezos was prior to reading this, and once I googled him it all made a lot more sense; he is the founder and CEO of It all also made a lot more sense when realising that he did not write the poems, but all the more confusing when trying to figure out if he is the inspiration, the subject, or the reason for these poems.

I’m not sure I want to know as I am not sure it even matters.

Although I did not like all of the poems, this is a very thought provoking and witty collection that’s put together in very skilfully. It’s beautiful and funny satire that doesn’t merely focus on Bezos but, of course, the empire his built and how society reacts to it. The first poem No End begins:

Peddlers are selling
silence in an empty

house. There’s no
end to what they’ll sell:

nothing ends until
supply & demand

demands it must.

A lot of the poems follow along the same clever lines, but some probably went over my head – or I just didn’t like them. Either way, I will be returning to this again and again for giggles and inspiration.

You can download a copy here!

Unfortunately I cannot add all the poets' names as a lable, so I'll merely add the editor, Russell Bennetts. No harm intended. 

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