Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A Day with a Perfect Stranger by Gregory David (1/5)

First published: 2006
Page count: 106

The back says: Her marriage is on the rocks. Her flight is overbooked. Now the guy in the window seat wants to talk about God - the perfect start to the perfect day! But for Mattie Cominsky, events are about to take an unexpected turn. An encounter with a perfect stranger re-routes her on a different kind of journey.  

I say: This is the most ridiculous religious drivel I may have ever read in my life. There is absolutely no redeeming quality anywhere; not the inane and predictable plotline, not the infantile language and none of the naïve characters.

I honestly felt insulted while reading this.

1/5 because that is the lowest score I have, but I would much rather give it 0/5.


  1. Sigh.... this does not sound like a book that I would like. Sorry you sat through it!

    1. Ha. It's my own fault for sticking it out, but I can't stand such blatant and in your face nonsense. It's the same reason I hate The Alchemist. Ugh.