Monday, 10 November 2014

The Liquor Store Diaries and Other Ramblings by Nathaniel Carroll (2.5/5)

First published: 2014
Page count: 100

The back says: You work at a liquor store. People want to drink, you make it happen. Pretty straightforward, right? Wrong. Find out what it's like to be submersed in a world of desperate change-counters, pesky co-workers, and outrageous alcoholics. Discover how easy it is to learn a lingo and go from clerk to implicated felon. Experience through the eyes of the entrenched the toll taken on the soul after years of catering to and enabling the cream of any town's most depraved crop. Not for the faint of heart, the raw observations and judgments captured in this collection are sure to make you cringe, laugh at times, and walk away with a renewed sense of appreciation for the public servant who holds the key to your salivation.

I say: This was a Kindle edition that I downloaded during my brief trial period of Kindle Unlimited (which I didn’t continue because it just didn’t seem worth it) and to say that I am disappointed would imply that I was looking forward to reading it.

Which I wasn’t.

The most annoying thing about forcing my way through this rather short read was the abundance of spelling and grammatical errors on nearly every page. If I wasn’t re-reading sentences that made little sense, I was cringing at the flagrant lack of editing.

Couldn’t anyone have read through this just the one time?

Having said that, I understand where Carroll was taking his anti-hero, but I quickly lost interest because it was all just a little bit too over the top for my liking. I suppose selling urine in the liquor store may be feasible, but I just couldn’t deal with where any of it was going.

Although the other ramblings left much to desire, I can still see myself reading something else by Carroll in the future under the strict guidance of an editor and proof reader because there was something about the prose that I did like. It's a shame it got lost in all the mistakes.

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