Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Skating Rink by Roberto Bolaño (2/5)

First published: 1993
Original title: La Pista de Hielo
Original language: Spanish
Translation to English by: Chris Andrews, 2009

Page count: 181

The back says: When Nuria Marti, the beautiful Spanish figure skater, is suddenly dropped from the Olympic team, a besotted admirer builds a secret ice rink for her in the ruins of an old mansion on the outskirts of their seaside town. What he doesn't tell her is that he paid for it using embezzled public funds. Such deceit is not without repercussions, and the skating rink soon becomes a crime scene...

Rife with political corruption, sex, jealousy and frustrated passion, The Skating Rink - narrated in turn by a corrupt and pompous civil servant, a beleaguered romantic poet, and a duplicitous local entrepreneur - is a darkly atmospheric tale of murder and its motives.

I say: Well, this was a boring disappointment. After having read Amulet a couple of months ago, I was happy to start reading The Skating Rink. Unfortunately, the feeling of joy didn’t last very long because this was so boring I kept falling asleep. I had zero interest in any of the characters, the plot or even the prose, and I merely kept on reading because that’s what I foolishly do.

I continue to read things that don’t interest me.

The synopsis makes the novel sound far more interesting than it is; which is three men re-telling their boring lives that are all connected through living in the same town and the skating rink. There is no dark atmosphere, rifeness of political corruption or frustrated passion, although there is sex and jealousy.

Both incredibly dull.

2/5 and we won’t be reading 2666 anytime soon.

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