Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link (4/5)

First published: 2005
Page count: 271

The back says: Magic for Beginners is many things. Sweetly strange. Liberally scattered with brilliance. A magical lens on the stuff of life that moves and makes us. These are stories of the real world made beautifully unreal: of transformation, love, zombies and brothers fired from cannons. They are the stories you have been waiting to read.
I say: I don’t magical realism, but after this collection of short stories kept appearing everywhere I turned, I decided to give it a go.

And I kind of loved it.
Well, some of the stories.

The best part of all of the stories was that they all had at least one unexpected twist that made me scratch my head and mentally applaud Link’s imagination. The prose is straight-forward and not really that remarkable, but the plots suck you in and manage to hold your attention and anticipation to the very end.
I look forward to reading more of Link’s work.

Favourite stories: Stone Animals, Catskin, Magic for Beginners.

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