Friday, 19 July 2013

Friday Funs: Grammar Ed.

It’s been a week full of grammatical errors; both on my part (I cringe) and on various other sites and conversations. Hence, this week's Friday Funs is about grammar – beause yes, I think grammar is fun.

I studied a year of Communication in English at uni for crying out loud.

Although, some nights I still wake up screaming from a nightmare of having to write endless tree diagrams.
Comics courtesy of my loves over at Cyanide & Happiness.

(figuratively, of course)


  1. Oh dear ... could it possibly be that my recent blog post (the one with the suspense-killer-line) inspired this rant? If so, I'm flattered and literally laughing my butt off, because the cartoons are just too funny ... no wait, I was wrong again, my butt it still firmly attached to the rest of my body! ;-)

    1. Ha! Your blog post was the metaphorical straw that broke the camel's back. So many people in my Facebook feed had already made the mistake of the first comic so that by the time I read your post I felt overwhelmed.

      Although this is nowhere near what I would call a rant. It can't be, or I'd be ranting on a daily basis.