Friday, 12 July 2013

Friday Funs: Daria Ed.

Two weeks ago I re-watched one of the greatest television shows ever – which is a rather tall statement from someone who is constantly bitching arguing that there’s nothing good on TV anymore (unless it’s the news or documentaries) – Daria.

To be fair, though, Daria hasn’t been on television in years.

Either way, while watching it I remember my old challenge that I was going to start but then forgot; namely to read all the books mentioned on the show.
[Aside: I was also going to read all of Rory Gilmore’s read, but one can only sign up for so many challenges at a time. Or so they tell me...]

So yeah, after looking up Daria’s reading list on GoodReads I calculated that I’ve read 18 out of 52 and will set up the rest as a challenge to finish by the end of summer next year. Because...

well, yeah.

Interesting (and I use the term liberally) fact about me is that my friends called my Daria during the time the series aired on MTV because apparently I reminded them of her. Like I was the only asocial and sarcastic teenager they knew outside of television.
If you’ve never seen Daria, what is wrong with you you should really get to it straight away because it’s hilarious and clever and all the things that every show should be (apart from a few annoyingly voiced characters). 


  1. DARIA IS MY FAVOURITE!! Seriously, it's the best thing ever. EVER. And it's incredibly unaged (I know it's only just over 10 years old, but STILL. Things age.)

    And I have also toyed with both the Daria and Rory Gilmore reading lists, but haven't made a firm commitment to either... But I think I'd rather do Daria's. Because, you know, Daria.


      I was kind of surprised at how well it still works - usually serier from the 90s feel incredibly dated. But I would have loved to hear Daria's commentary on today's trends och pop culture.

      Yeah, Rory's is very big and I keep hoping that every time I return to it that I'd have read more of the books on there. But Daria read a lot of things that I want to read, but always seem to postpone. I love Sartre's fictonal works and have read bits and pieces for fun and when I did my existentialism course. Random fact, when Angel in Buffy got his soul back he was reading Nausea. Make of that what you will :)