Friday, 26 July 2013

Friday Funs: André Aciman Ed.

I went searching for André Aciman on facebook, found him and sent a friend request. Two hours later he accepted me.

I am in heaven (well, I would be if I still believed in religion).

And also slightly intoxicated from sophomorically mixing rosé and Sylvia Plath poetry.
I have about a jillion things I’d like to say and ask him, and as of now I am timing myself to see how long it’ll take before I fan-girl all over his wall. I mean, every other author of a book that so significantly affected my life is dead. And I won’t wait to go lie down on a statue of Aciman in America like I did with Oscar Wilde in Dublin (if I ever get in to my old puter that is holding all my pictures hostage while insisting on being broken, I'll post them).

Also, why shouldn't I fan-girl. After all,
I named my blog after a quote from his book!

I’m so re-reading it tomorrow.

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