Friday, 28 June 2013

Friday Funs


I am somewhat ridiculously obsessed with Russian literature (especially postmodern metafiction, which will most likely be my MA thesis) and one of the main issues I have is that I don’t know that many contemporary Russian authors. Another main issue is that of reading translations, but since my plan to teach myself Russian kind of fell flat when I went back to uni to study literature, I have to consider that a moot point for now.

Being in that mood (after a couple of glasses of rosé) I googled contemporary Russian authors and somehow stumbled upon Grigory  Ryzhakov’s blog and this post listing his top 20 Modern Russian authors. After jotting down the ones with English translations and ordering books by Vladimir Makanin (new author for me), Vladimir Sorokin (recently finished, and loved, The Queue), and Aleksandr Solzhenitsy (who is not contemporary, but I really want to read more of his works), I decided to read more of Grigory’s posts.

And then it happened.
Something I knew nothing about and that almost made me cream my pants actually made squee like a schoolgirl.

A post mentioning Stephen Fry (the love of my life) hosting a documentary about modern Russian prose.

I simply can’t wait (even though I secretly hate get disturbed by seeing/hearing authors as that changes the image I have of them in my head).
The same post also linked to Read Russia, “a new initiative - based in Moscow, New York, and London - established to celebrate Russian literature and Russian book culture.  Through innovative programs, projects, and events supporting the English-language translation and publication of Russian works, Read Russia provides international audiences with fresh opportunities to engage - in person, on screen, and online - with Russia's literary leaders and heritage.” The site is offering for free a Read Russia Anthology containing “30 short works from Russia’s leading contemporary writers.”

Since one is only allowed to squee once in each post, I’ll have to sort of jump for joy at having downloaded this.
And to think, just earlier today I was considering emulating Scott Pack (because he is full of awesome) in reading one short story a day for a year, and then this comes along to provide me with enough material for a month.



  1. thank you for mentioning my blog and spreading the word about Russian literature. It is rare to find people who enjoy serious literature nowadays, especially in translation.

    I'll mention your blog in my G+ group dedicated to Russia literature.

    Many of your book reviews will undoubtedly be helpful to other readers :)

    1. Hey Grisha, thanks for stopping by. I really just had to share your blog because I was so excited to find it :)

      I'll pop over to your G+ group as I am desperate to discuss Russian lit, and to get new recommendations, so I'll see you there.