Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday Funs

Not many reviews this week. Mostly because I've bought new bookshelves that I've been busy arranging and re-arranging and hating and wishing I'd just stuck with leaving my books in a pile on the floor. While engaging in this annoying task, I've been looking extra hard at all my book covers, remembering which I cought for the cover alone, and which I can't stand to look at.

I have some seriously wtf-inducing covers that make me love the fact that I can only see the spine.

Therefore this week's Friday Fun is a link to a new blog I've found: Caustic Cover Critic: "one man's endless ranting about book design" because if I can't work, I'll laugh and point a finger at those who do.

Or something like that.

Speaking of book covers, here's a comparison between US and UK covers that I found quite nice to look at.

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