Friday, 22 February 2013


I had my exam for the course dealing with literature from Antiquity to Romanticism and I couldn't be happier. This course has taken up so much of my life reading time it's not even funny. Words cannot even begin to describe how excited I am that I now can read books that *I* want to read.

I just hope I pass the exam...

Aside: Yes, I still hate Odysseus and Augustine (in the field of literature, in war theory he's all right - why is he in every the two fields I study, though?) the second time around.


  1. I am sure you will pass the exam and yay to being able to read what you want. What's the first book you are going to celebrate with?

    1. I have no idea what book to celebrate with - I am just overwhelmed with options (20 new books from the book sale so far). also, I still haven't finished Don Quixote or Rousseau's Confessions and have started Father Goriot by Honoré de Balzac for my new course. However, I'll be flying to Dublin tomorrow and will have loads of reading time, so I'll probably just try to wrap those three up cos I actually want to savour them and not just speed read in order to get enough of the gist for the exam.