Tuesday, 5 February 2013

All You Can Eat by Robin Hemley (3/5)

First published: 1988
Page count: 180

The back says: Nothing. Just quotes from different magazines.

I say: There’s not really that much to say about this collection, to be honest. All of the stories have some element in them that’s a little bit odd; not in an absurd way but more towards strange or weird. Hemley does a nice job of incorporating this oddness into everyday situations without turning the stories into a charade – it’s more that little thing that happens that makes you go

“wait a minute...”

That was the best part of these stories because without it they were rather bland and unremarkable – I’ve already forgotten what most of them were about – and the same goes for the prose, unfortunately. I didn’t dislike reading all of the stories, nor did I particularly enjoy all of them; they kind of left me with a sense of meh.

The stories I do remember and enjoyed were: The Mouse Town, Clues, Digging a Hole.

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