Friday, 9 November 2012

When Uni Gets in the Way

I haven’t been able to read what I want for quite some time now. Uni is not so much kicking my ass, but maybe spanking me a tad too hard. I loved the drama course, but that is now finished and I am stuck reading Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe for the Existentialist course and it’s killing me slowly.

It’s freaking terrible.

And I somehow have had fond memories of that book, but I have now come to realise that’s mainly because I read a revised children’s version of it. This original book is too detailed and boring, but I am convinced to stick with it.

Come what may.


I’m handing in my analysis on Monday, so not much more time left to suffer. And I also have to re-read and analyse Candide by Voltaire this weekend.


In other uni news I am now doing a course in children’s and young adult books, which is semi-interesting and semi-boring. I like the history of the children’s book and I like YA, but I slowly start twitching every time they bring up Robinson Crusoe and how important and revolutionary it was for literature.

I want to read some Russians and some Proust and maybe some old-timey Brits.

So yeah, I’ll try to get all the reviews for the plays done this weekend – I just got so bored of them after having analysed them to death. It’ll be short reviews, and I will be done with Crusoe (I hope) and Candide, and the joy of reading shall once more return to me.

As you were.


  1. Hang in there! A couple years ago, I was working on my graduate degree and working full time. It basically killed my pleasure reading time. I was so happy when I was finished with school! Just keep thinking: this too shall pass ;)

    1. Haha, yes. I do hope that this too shall pass. It's funny how I was missing school while I was working and now that I'm studying I miss working. Well, not so much working as such, but more coming home and being done with everything.

      Ah well, I made my bed...

  2. Dude, Robinson Crusoe is one of my least favourite books ever in the world. It's like... I'm good with it being a foundationy book of literature, but I DON'T WANT TO READ IT EVER, you know? Like I can't be doing with any books pre-1800-ish. Been there, been bored with that...

    1. I co-sign everything you just wrote about Robinson. It went from a 4 to 1 in my eyes, so I supposed it's sometimes better to just not re-read books. Or read the original, I mean, there's a reason why they edited them.

      Some of the pre-1800 are good, some are such a bore. It's mostly the language for me, and the constant narrator who thinks s/he's so funny.

  3. Nothing worse when uni interferes. Especially when you are not enjoying the books and your eyes keeps straying over to the fun ones. Today I was reading up on wound care with one eye on my Haruki Murakami. I could hear it telling me to put the boring article down and read it instead. I was strong though. Hang in there. x

    1. Ha ha ha at Murakami urging you to put down the wound care article. And when it's time to use the information you can just put a page of Murakami on the wound and send them on their way :)