Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Classic Bribe – Challenge and Giveaway

This week has been full of nieces and nephews finishing different grades (one graduation, and I’m so proud) and I haven’t had any time to read at all. 
Well, maybe a few pages.

Anyhow, I found my way to this most excellent (I’ve got Bill & Ted on the brain – well, just Keanu, really) challenge over at Quirky Girls Read that I thought I’d join. The rules are:

- Read at least 1 Classic over the summer – between Memorial Day and the end of Labor Day Weekend, September 3rd
- You can have begun the Classic prior to Memorial Day, but it needs to have been completed between the challenge dates above
- Post a review on your blog of each Classic that you read during the challenge period and reference a link to this “The Classic Bribe” challenge page
- Link to each of your reviews separately by clicking on Mr. Linky below
- Each linked review counts as 1 entry – no entry limit per blogger – read and review as many as you like
- Each entry builds up $1 toward an Amazon gift card – the more entries the higher the balance can grow – capped at $35
- Random winner selected Labor Day weekend from all entries- no restrictions on region
- Winner receives the full Amazon gift card balance accumulated based on entries received

I’m going to start the challenge as of now; and even though I’m already doing a classics challenge, I think this will spur me on even more.


  1. I came across this challenge once before. I've got a few classics on my TBR but I'm not sure I'll read that many before September 3rd. Although if I read one and end up winning, does that mean I only win $1? I hope you get a lot of reading done and maybe even snag a prize in the process! :)

  2. Yeah, I probably won't win anything, but I'm using this as an incentive to finish my 100 Classics Challenge that I've been neglecting lately. I'm aiming for at least 10, but I'll need all the luck (and free time) to get that many read.