Friday, 11 May 2012

Immortal Remains (Weirdsville #2) by Rook Hastings (3/5)

The back says: “You see the girls that died – it wasn’t by accident. They were cursed, every one of them. Cursed to meet a horrible death…” Charlotte swallowed. “And I’m going to be next.”

Four freak accidents.
Four mysterious omens.
Four signs of trouble.

Shadows are getting darker and the town of Woodsville is getting creepier by the hour. Something is coming, something old and evil.

I say: Having unexpectedly enjoyed the first book in the series, Nearly Departed, I thought that this was going to be just as good. But it wasn’t. Something about it felt very contrived, and where the previous book had given me chills and really held my suspense, this merely felt like a bad horror film.

I think the book took itself too seriously.

Again, I feel the need to reiterate that I am far too old for these books, but something about the dialogue in this one was off. It was cartoony and sounded like something The Scooby Gang would say. Even the characters themselves seemed dull this time around; it didn’t feel like there had been any substantial development at all.

Oh, and trying to cram in some sort of love triangle x2 really made me roll my eyes.

The plot itself was interesting enough until [not sure if this is a spoiler or not, but highlight if you want to know] it turned out to be about witches. How very mundane. It seems all sort or paranormal/supernormal shows always end up there at some point. And do understand the connection, but it bores me.

3/5 because it was an ok sequel, and there was one minor plotline that really had me thinking. I’m not sure when the third one is going to be released, but if I stumble upon it I’ll read it for a, hopefully, nice conclusion.

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