Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Cards

I received two Christmas cards today, for the Book Blogger Holiday Card Exchange. A tad late, but I blame the post office for that. I was a bit bleak over the fact that I’d only received 3 cards this year, and then I got two really cute ones of snowmen. My camera is broken so I can’t take pictures and the one on my mobile takes such blurry pictures it’s not even worth it.

The card from Suzanne (Bibliosue) came with a really nice bookmark (which is awesome since I only have two because I keep losing them – and I’m not sure I’m even going to use this one cos it’s bound to fall out).

And the card from Cassandra (Indie Reader Houston) was handmade and quite epic (I’m stealing this idea for next year). Apparently the snowman’s body is salvaged pages from a water-damaged book of poetry by A. E. Houseman, and the three stanzas I can read are really good, so that’s been added to my reading list.

I feel like a bum for just buying my cards now; it was my first year and I wasn't sure how elaborate to go. But next year and actually think this through a bit more and not just take the safe and easy way out.

Shame on me.

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