Friday, 2 September 2011

War and Peace: Books Thirteen to Fifteen, Plus Epilogues

The last spoilery War and Peace post.
Book Thirteen:
There is confusion in the Russian troops. They start advancing.
Napoleon enters Moscow and tries to set up a semblance of order, urging the Russians to return and promising peace. However, the looting and burning continues.
Pierre is finally feeling peace and calm in the shed he’s held prisoner. The French army is leaving Moscow and the prisoners are taken along.
Book Fourteen:
Tolstoy talks military strategy and asserts that the Russian army engaged in partisan/guerilla warfare against the French.
Petya is sent with a message to Denisov’s and decides to stay. He is killed at battle the following day.
Pierre is rescued by Denisov’s party.
Tolstoy argues why the Russian army didn’t destroy and capture the French as they were retreating.
Book Fifteen:
Princess Mary postpones her return to Moscow in order to console Natasha when she hears of her brother’s death.
Upon being freed, Pierre goes to Orel where he falls ill for three months. When he returns to Moscow he goes to see Mary and finding Natasha there, he realizes that he loves her. And she loves him.
We find out the fate of our characters (which I'm not going to post in case somebody doesn't want to know how it all ends) in the first part, and in the second Tolstoy spends time talking about power, war, and freedom amongst other things. He does bring up a lot of good points, but to dissect them here and now would take far too much time and energy.
I have to say that I am a tad disappointed at the latter part of this book. Perhaps I was expecting something different, or maybe even more, but it all sort of fell flat.
Ah well, I’ll explain further in the full review.

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