Monday, 12 September 2011

Mmm... Monday: Charles Baudelaire, Part the First

Today has been an extremely long and annoying day, and right now I can think of nothing better to soothe my aching head than a little green tea and a lot of Baudelaire. This is my favourite.

The Ghost

like angels with wild beast's eyes
I shall return to your bedroom
and silently glide toward you
with the shadows of the night;

And, dark beauty, I shall give you
kisses cold as the moon
and the caresses of a snake
that crawls around a grave.

hen the livid morning comes,
you'll find my place empty,
and it will be cold there till night.

wish to hold sway over
your life and youth by fear,
as others do by tenderness.

This translation is by William Aggeler, whom, in my opinion, did it best.

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