Tuesday, 16 August 2011

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy: Book Two

The men have gone to war and Tolstoy spends a great deal of time and detail on the battles. We’re introduced to a lot of new characters, and I’m honestly not sure of how much attention to pay them. Because I don’t have a map at hand, I’m finding the detailed information of the battlefields a tad confusing. Napoleon has made an appearance (well, he’s been spoken of and sent a letter), Rostov is hurt and seemingly abandoned and all the others are still alive and fighting (more or less).
Since I’ve studied was, I’m finding this very interesting (although there are a few irrelevancies going on, mostly random people’s conversations that have nothing to do with anything), there have been a few witticisms and I'm quite eager to see what will happen next, so I carry on.
I’ve currently read 16.8% of the entire book - yes, I do calculate these things.

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