Thursday, 18 August 2011

War and Peace: Book Three

Pierre is now a count and everybody suddenly loves him, Prince Vasili steals from him, and Anna Pavlovna is trying to set him up with Helene, Prince Vasili’s daughter. He falls in love with her at a party, and after going through the motions for a short time, they marry.

Prince Vasili then tries to marry off his son Anatol to Princess Maria, much to the anger of her father, Prince Bolkonsky. Maria refuses when she finds out that her companion Mademoiselle Bouvienne is in love with him.

Nicholas Rostov is promoted to officer and falls in love with Emperor Alexander.

Boris goes to Prince Andrew to see if he can help him become an adjunct.

Denisov is promoted to major.

Prince Andrew confesses that he is only interested in fame and glory.

Chaos ensues on the battlefield; the Russians lose and are forced to retreat. Prince Andrew is wounded and taken prisoner by Napoleon.

I'm really getting into this now, since the characters are being more and more fleshed out and the plot is thickening. All the lives are tangled into each other, and I'm very much liking the way Tolstoy is weaving them together. I'm also inching towards that point of attachment to some of the characters and suspicion against other. I may start reading at home as well at this point, because I want to know what's going to happen and the weekend is coming up, and no office then.

In short, starting to slowly fall in love with this.

Or maybe not love - I'm infatuated.

I’ve currently read 23.9% of the book – yup, still calculating.


  1. I think I am seriously going to have to start again if I go back to this book. I do at least recognise all the names but that's it.

  2. Yeah, there's so much happening all the time, I'm just sort of picking out the main plots to highlight. Make sure not to read my last update if you're going to read it yourself - I may give the ending away in my poor man's cliff notes.