Saturday, 27 August 2011

War and Peace: Books Six and Seven

Spoilers ahead.

Book Six:

Prince Andrew awakens from his gloom, and is appointed to the Committee on Army Regulations.

Pierre is somewhat disillusioned by the Freemasons in Russia, so he visits his brothers abroad to learn more. He returns and presents changes which are dismissed. In his ensuing depression he agrees to reconcile with his wife.

The Rostovs have money problems so old Rostov applies for an official post in Petersburg.
Berg marries Vera.

Prince Andrew is smitten with Natasha at a ball, asks for her hand as is accepted. However old Bolkonski says they have to wait a year for the wedding, so the engagement is kept a secret. After six months abroad old Bolkonski says they can marry when he’s dead.

Meanwhile Mary dreams of going on a pilgrimage, but dares not leave her father or nephew.

Book Seven:

Nicholas Rostov is called home to help manage the family’s affairs.

They go on a boring hunting expedition.

Old Rostov resigns because the post is costing him too much money and his wife tries to get Nicholas to marry the rich heiress Julie to secure their wealth. He refuses because he is now in love with Sonya. A huge fight breaks out leaving the countess ill in bed. Nicholas returns to the army and old Rostov, Natasha and Sonya go to Moscow to sell their estate.

Not much to say about these two 'books', except that I could easily have done without a lot of what was written. Names, names and more names – there are so many names in this book that I can’t even begin to know what to do with.

Probably nothing because I won’t read about 80% of them again, but even so…

I'm now 44% in and still enjoying it.

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