Sunday, 28 August 2011

War and Peace: Book Eight

Spoilers below.

Pierre is once again disillusioned and goes back to Moscow and his old life of indulgence.

Old Bolkonski, Princess Mary and Mademoiselle Bourienne go to Moscow, were the old man treats his daughter badly. She has now given up hopes of marriage.

Boris is trying to marry well and is courting the two wealthiest heiresses, Julie and Mary. He finally proposes to Julie after Anatole starts paying her attention. She accepts.

Anatole’s father forces him to Moscow to find a good match due to his expensive living. There he continues to party and flirt. He is secretly married, but abandoned his wife to live like a bachelor.

The Rostovs go to the opera where Anatole shows Natasha great interest. He soon tells her that he loves her and writes her a letter proposing to elope together. Sonya finds the letter and confronts Natasha. After a quarrel Natasha writes Princess Mary saying that she can’t marry her brother, Prince Andrew. She agrees to elope with Anatole, but on the night of the elopement Sonya confesses to the lady they live with and the plan is intercepted. They decide not to tell Count Rostov. Pierre is asked over to the house and upon hearing the news reveals that Anatole is already married. In anger he forces Anatole (pays him off) to leave Moscow, and he returns to Petersburg. Natasha tries to commit suicide, and the town in abuzz with the rumour of the elopement.

Prince Andrew returns to Moscow and says he’s fine with everything. Natasha asks Pierre to tell Andrew that she’s sorry.

This is the most exciting ‘book’ thus far. Just packed with so much drama, it’s like a soap opera. Natasha is getting on my last nerve at this point with her stupidity and I have to remind myself that she’s just a teenager. Princess Mary is also starting to annoy me and I do not understand Mademoiselle Bourienne at all. I’m still rooting for Prince Andrew, and Pierre is now getting more of my sympathy and like.

I have now read 49% and I do not want to put this down.

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