Monday, 25 July 2011

So Much Work


I was keeping track of my books on Living Social, but now they have gone broke (or something) and I have to move everything over to Library Thing. I used LT a few years ago, but got annoyed because of something or other (you never quite know with me) and I was going to use Good Reads, but the site wasn't working and blah blah blah...

So much work just to keep track of these damned books.

I don't know which is better of LT and GR - I just need a nice and clean and hasslefree place to track my books. So far LT is doing a fuckawful job of updating from my spreadsheet and I'll have to spend time that I don't have on changing the covers (because I'm anal like that), so I may skip over to GR and see what's cooking.

Also, whomever took the username FBT on LT is going to get stalked by me. Can you do that there?

Rant, whine, bitch.

I'm done.

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