Friday, 3 June 2011

That Summer by Sarah Dessen (2/5)

The back says: For fifteen-year-old Haven this is the summer where everything changes. Dad is remarrying. Her Sister Ashley is planning a wedding of her own. They’re both moving on, but Haven is lost in memories of a time when life was happy and her family was whole.

And then Ashley’s ex, the charming and funny Sumner Lee, arrives in town. He reminds Haven of carefree days gone by, and she can’t help but wonder – has fate brought this person back from her past to change her future?

I say: It’s been a week since I finished this, and to be honest, it didn’t really leave that much of an impression on me. There was nothing wrong with the book itself; it was more a question of me expecting more since I’ve enjoyed Dessen’s other books.

This just sort of left me with a feeling of meh.

All the characters were so stereotypical; poor teenage Haven with a chip on her shoulder, the older and selfish sister stealing all the attention, the best friend who’s turned into somebody different after a summer away, the father with his new wife, the mother trying to keep the peace, and the essential carefree and seemingly perfect boy.

I’ve read and seen it all before.