Thursday, 2 June 2011

BTT: Reviews

Do you read book reviews? Whose do you trust? Do they affect your reading habits? Your buying habits?

Since I don’t have any friends or family who read what I read, I kind of have to rely on strangers, so I read a lot of book reviews. Pretty much every time I’m buying a book I tend to go see what people thought of it. Although Amazon reviews can be tricky, some of them are actually worth the read. I wouldn’t say that I trust the reviews (since I don’t know the reviewers and their tastes); I read them just to get a general idea of the feel of the book.

Ultimately, I’ll buy whatever interests me.

I have to say this though, if a book is getting nothing but top reviews, I tend to get suspicious.

I think the only person that has given me a recommendation that I have gone straight out and bought or ordered (i.e. not just added to my endless TBR list) without hesitation is Scott Pack at Me and My Big Mouth. He knows his books, and he is hilarious, so I can do nothing but love him his blog. Also, I’ve been reading the blog (on and off) for a couple of years (I think), so it’s easier to know what to pick up and what to ignore.

He also reads one short story a day and reviews them here.


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