Monday, 2 May 2011


This month was meant to be the month where I don't spend any money on anything other than the very necessities. I have enough books waiting to be read, and was going to finish them before buying anything new, and should I manage that before the month is over, there's always the library.

That was the plan.

But sneaky and untrustworthy as I tend to be when it comes to limitations, I ordered two books and a DVD on Saturday and figured that would be that.

And it was.

Until I just stupidly went to Bokus (where I buy most of my books) to check the price of a book I'm meant to order for a friend (honest) and saw that they're having a sale - of course. Before I even knew what I was doing, which is a lie if ever I told one, I had ordered 3 books. And they weren't even on my TBR list, but just random books that were cheap.

Epic. Fail.

So yeah, let me reset and start over. As of this very moment; one month without buying anything that I don't need.

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