Tuesday, 24 May 2011

100 Classics Challenge

A few years ago I got this idea that I was going to read all the classics before I turned 30. I started a blog to document this silly idea, but when I realised that I had started this whole project a tad too late in life, I just gave up. However, since I turned 29 this month, I have decided to revive this idea because my abandoning it has haunted me ever since.

(I feel a tad dramatic today.)

So yeah, I know that it’s impossible to read all the classics, simply because it’s impossible to make a complete list of all the classics. Different people have different opinions, so, because I’m extremely lazy to make it easy on myself, I’ve decided to go by the Penguin Classics’ list of 100 Classic Books You Must Read Before You Die. I will say straight away that I have no idea who, what, where, when or why with this list; there are a lot of books missing and a few that I don’t think should be there,

but this is the list and that’s that!

In starting this, I have already read 15 books in the past few years and I have no intention of reading them again. There are a few that I read in my teens and that I don’t really remember, so I’ll be re-reading those.

You know, just cos.

The reason why I’m obsessed with classics is because I want to know what all the fuss is about. There are a few books on there that I really don’t want to read, but I figure that if I can manage to get through Tess of the D’urrstupids, then I can pretty much read anything. And yes, I’m totally referring to Thomas Hardy and a few select Brits on there.

My goal for this year was initially to read at least 40% classics, so if I stick to this, it’ll be like killing two birds with one stone.

Yay me!


  1. your challenge sounds fantastic! thanks for giving me another list to pilfer through!

  2. The list is pretty good. I was eyeing that '1001 books to read before you die' at the same time, and that was pretty good - although I'm not that ambitious.