Friday, 18 March 2011

Day 11 – A book you hated

The first book that came to mind was New Moon by Stephenie Meyer because, well, it's a really bad book. Everyone knows that SMeyer can't write, and as bad as I thought Twilight was when I first read it, New Moon made me violent.




So much rage after every page turn.

I'll include my review after the jump because I hadn't read it since I wrote it, and I kind of like it. My reviews are so unproffessional and snarky...

Oh. My. Word. I can’t even know what to say about this book. I was already aware of the quality of Meyers’ writing after reading Twilight, but never had I imagined that it would – or, in fact, even could – get any worse. If she were to remove the annoying and monotonous voice that is Bella, maybe this would have been a more enjoyable experience. But then I guess she would end up with a mere pamphlet rather than 500 pages of inane twaddle.

This is the summary of the book (spoiler alert): Bella gets a paper cut. Jasper tries to eat her. Edward saves her. The Cullens move away. Bella walks around annoying the hell out of everyone. Bella hangs out with Jacob. Jacob turns into a werewolf. Edward tries to kill himself because he thinks Bella is dead. Bella saves him. Edward saves Bella. They all save each other. Edward comes back. They are in love again. The End.

See, a pamphlet worth of action. At this point all of the characters are starting to annoy me because they are so predictable. Meyers is stringing us along by dangling the question of Bella turning into a vampire in front of us, as well as keeping Victoria alive. And I suppose Jacob was meant to be an interesting plot twist, but he’s just as uninteresting as Bella is. There is no character development at all. Yes, Jacob is a werewolf now that hates/hunts vampires – oooh, suspense. (And the way she describes them morphing into werewolves is hilarious.) And nothing of interest really happens until they go to Italy.

Obviously I’m too old for these books, and I should be far more upset with myself for reading than Meyers writing them. And since I am a glutton for punishment, I will pick up the remaining two just to have something to moan about.

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